Change a gradient screen using sensors + arduino + raspberry pi

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Hope someone here can help me...

I'm trying to make a colour screen that changes by gradient when physical sensors are touched. The goal is to have 8 different colours and an object with 8 sensors that change the colour on the projection. I have an arduino and raspberry pi and it would ideally just work from this with the output to projector (I'm going to be leaving it in an exhibition space so I can't leave my computer)



  • Yes. Do you have a specific question?

  • How can I make a colour gradient from top to bottom with multiple colour options? I will be able to work out how to connect the sensors to those functions... hoping I'll be able to put it all on raspberry pi somehow too.

  • For gradients:

    You seem to be wanting to use the sensors with an Arduino. In this case you can just prototype the sensor-reading with any laptop (or PC), and just replace your laptop (or PC) by the Raspberry Pi when your sketch works sufficiently.

    You will be using Processing's Serial library (or Firmata) to be reading in the measured sensor readings into Processing. This library works the same way regardless of which platform it is running - just the name of the serial port will change when you move to a Raspberry Pi (which is running Linux).

    Good luck.

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