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Hi ! I would like to ask how can spritesheets be used propely ? where we scroll through the animation of the character for walking , running , jumping and his powers and so on. I have no specific code for this but I am just asking as I would like to implement proper sprites. (Althought I did try using vertex and specifically looking for a clean way :D )

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  • If you don't want to do all the low level coding then you could use the Sprites library.

    It can handle sprite animation, sprite movement, sprite collision and so much more. Why not try it out? :)

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    Hey @quark I have tried using the library I just can't get my head on figuring it out I went through the examples but will defintely try my best to keep going mining it down is there any other examples except the ones included with the library aswell as the reference page ? :D

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    I don't have any more examples. The trick to learning how to use this library is too take your time and do it in small steps.

    Start with a simple sprites sheet, grab one off the Internet, and write a simple sketch to load and animate it. Try the different options e.g. animation ranges, where different animation sequences are on the same sheet e.g. running, walking, dying etc.

    Look at the API reference and tryout any interesting functions.

    You can then move onto sprite movement followed by collision detection.

    When trying to learn a new library the most common mistake is trying to do do much too quickly and soon getting bogged down by the complexity. If you create small example sketches you can always get help on this forum.

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