can a processing program be loaded like a regular file?

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Like my question says. I wanna know if I can make a program then load it to my other programs? or does it not worklike that? If not why not?



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    You can load a processing pde file inWord or in a text editor - it’s a text file.

    It’s more difficult to let a processing sketch load another processing sketch

    Please elaborate your question

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    ok, I wanna crate a high scoreboard that I can use a few floats, an array or 2 & a few strings. My idea was finally finish typing it out export it & then load it into my grinch space shooter game. Or would it work without needing to be exported?

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    Look in the reference

    You can either do it with saveStrings and loadStrings OR even better with saveTable and loadTable

    both ways you can edit it in a normal editor

    There is a tutorial on data describing a few topics

  • ty can you link it?

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