Why is my counter not working correct?

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OK, so I made it where my lights on my tree choose a random number then round the number. After they all chose a number and rounded it I'm trying to see what number has how many so the tree aint filled with a bunch of 1 and a few of the others, but everytime I tried I either get a number that cant even be possible because there not that many lights or the wrong number

main page https://paste.ofcode.org/LxNxk9MtQLrUJTQMxwGXYq



lights https://paste.ofcode.org/36tAArKaGBay7UfmkMi9kBA

here a picture the 10 says there are 10 light == 0 which is red. I only count 9;


ok, anyone know why my counter is off?


i counted 14 on this one;



  • Pleas post the code as text in one go here in the forum

    I told you how

    If I open the link it’s cut off

  • Can you tell us also the tab and line Numbers please ?

    I couldn’t find it....

  • Control con; Light[] light = new Light[153]; float timer, t; float room = 1; void setup() { size(600, 600); con = new Control(); for (int i = 0; i < light.length; i++) { con.update();//////////////////////////// this makes them if (light[i].z == 0){////////////////////// this looks at each color con.a1 += 1; //////////////////////// this adds one if color is red } } } void draw() { background(0); if (room == 1) { textSize(18); if (timer < 0 && room == 1) { for (int i = 0; i < light.length; i++) { light[i].s += 1; timer = 15; } } for (Light l : light) { l.show(); } } }

    lol, why do they got a system that messes up the code when you place it in the code block?

    I marked the lines where they are made and where they are counted and checked.

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  • so do you see why it dont count right?

  • You are counting in con.a1, but you never use it

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    @chrisir so you saying even though my counter dont work I should still add the code it should do? wouldn't that just mess everything up? messed up code at the beginning will mess everything up in the code.

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