Python Console to p5js

I'm trying to make a small sketch that loops several pictures after each other. Below of those pictures, I want the output of a python code console or the output of a python script to go in the P5js sketch? Or processing if this would be possible.

Is this been done before?



  • If you are doing this in p5.js, could you manage this code or output as HTML elements right below the pictures? I am assuming you have this info as plaintext files that could be formatted to display either code or console output (custom formatting). Not sure if I am addressing your question.


  • The code I use is the python faker library. Where you can choose to write it directly from the terminal or from a python script. I want to run this script every 10 seconds and have the output in console to be shown in a sketch where there are photos are show at the same time frame (10sec). If I could write them to html elements this would be fine but than I should ask the question in a python forum. I'm wondering if the reverse is possible by pulling the console from p5js or processing. I hope I'm a bit clearer by typing this :-O

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    I might have not looked it up good enough in the beginning.. BUT, my python script is available in a javascript api. So an educated guess tells me that I should go with the javascript library.

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