Space bugged in IDE

First of all this forum has way to many sections. I hate reading the long list to see where I should make a topic. And in the end not even being sure if it is the right place.

We have a spanish section that has only 1 topic! Also way to many google summer of code sections. Isn't one enough? Old topics go to the bottom anyway...

Now on topic. I have a problem inside the IDE where I have to press space really slow If I want more then one space. This is only with space, I can easily type aaaaaaaaa for example. But to type the same amount in spaces I have to do it really slow else it won't register. This is so annoying that I often copy a space so I can paste it instead of type it. This happens on OSX on processing 3.3.6. Do more people have this? And should I file it as a bug report?


  • Please keep in mind that the people reading these posts are volunteers who work for free in their spare time. We didn't create the forum. I'm not even sure who the admin is.

    As for your space problem, I've never heard of that. I'd try looking for an existing issue on GitHub, and if you can't find one, then file a new one. You'll probably need to provide more specific details about your environment so that developers can try to reproduce the problem.

    Does it happen with other versions of Processing? Does it happen with any other editors?

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    really slow If I want more then one space.

    like on the iPhone where a double space press becomes a dot . ?

    Does a single space work? Maybe that's a kind of auto correct thing

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