How can I submit my own mode for Processing?

Ok, so I know that this category is probably not meant for questions like these, but let's just hit it, because I can't find any category that would be more suitable for this...

I've been working on my C++ library for processing for quite a while now and I've also started working on my own IDE, but I changed my mind because I wasn't able to make it multiplatform. Let's leave that... So, I decided that I'd at least try to submit my library as a new mode. It has many basic functions and it's just basically based on C++. It's probably not as optimised as it should be, but I'm making it as a school assignment.

So this is just my 5 cents, take it or leave it, if you take it, I'll let my IDE rest in peace.

Yours sincerely,


Here is a link to my library with list of all working functions.


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    Ok, I'm sorry.. I just noticed the evasive Create & announce modes category... I have no idea how I was able to miss it... I guess it's just that it's 2 o'clock in the mornin'...

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    interesting. Very cool. I have few remarks, how about targeting more advanced users, visual artist, and game devs. Kick all the newbies and low end devices, they can use java. Make something we can enjoy. Using glfw3 and glm, send everything to shaders in a live coding environment. No dependencies, 4Kb release. :)

    I will have zero time anyway. But keep on going.
    Struct every member is public per default, smaller memory footprint that a Class, just saying.

  • @MGlolenstine -- thanks for sharing your work on P5c.

    In order for modes to be distributed via PDE Contributions Manager and used in PDE, they need to be packaged up in a certain way, and a link to them and their metadata needs to be submitted to the Processing team -- once it is approved, they would list it in the Manager.

    Here is an example for Processing Python Mode and the file:

    To implement basic C++/Processing IDE syntax highlighting, you could optionally include keywords:

    However, I think the biggest problem right now with officially distributing your mode is that there is no documentation -- you haven't created a reference, or given any examples on how to do things. Without that, the mode probably isn't a good idea to include in a programming tool for learners. Modes like Python Mode and the recent R Mode have started from a copy of the Processing (Java) documentation and changed the examples to show how the same things can be done in, for example, C++ -- however this is a whole project all its own.

  • Also, re: "kick all the newbies", I don't think this is a good idea for a Processing mode. If you want to let people use the Processing API in C++, do that and make it accessible to everyone. If you want to do creative computing in C++ and not use Processing, you can already use something like OpenFrameWorks:

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    yes you totally right. I hook up the line " also started working on my own IDE", could go well with with the idea to pour processing into a new shape, -whatever that means. Sure it has to be in the processing tradition to be a learning environment for programming.

  • @jeremydouglass about the documentation... I'm currently waiting on my friend to make me a website I can post examples and documentation on. After that is done, I'll start working on a new mode. I didn't understand one part tho... this part that is "If you want to let people use the Processing API in C++, do that and make it accessible to everyone." I'm making it accessible to everyone... Am I not?

  • Sorry for the confusion, @MGlolenstine, my second reply was to nabr, not you. It looks like we all agree on that point.

  • Oh... Thanks then :D To be honest, I've gotten confused on "re:"kick all the newbies"" part, but now I get it xD Well... I'll try getting my website up and running ASAP and then I'll make and submit the processing version as well.

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    Yes i looking forward to your realese, my point was: I understand that you try to work as close as possible to Proccesings (OpenGL) JOGL but processing has a long hystory. I can imagene, when processing would be programmed today, the devs would choose another path.
    Exampel: Freeglut is totaly outdated - 2013

    I would write a small Java binding to call my main function and the rest will be handled modern OpenGL library
    I mean how long OpenGL will last from now on, we are close to Vulkan age. Why we are practice in repeat ourselfs, when the wheel is already invented.
    I also understand that a modern OpenGL means also much more to learn and can be very uncomfortable for beginners.

    And as i said, it's nice someone is working on a C/C++ wrapper.

  • What is the update on this?

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