How can I submit my own mode for Processing?

Ok, so I know that this category is probably not meant for questions like these, but let's just hit it, because I can't find any category that would be more suitable for this...

I've been working on my C++ library for processing for quite a while now and I've also started working on my own IDE, but I changed my mind because I wasn't able to make it multiplatform. Let's leave that... So, I decided that I'd at least try to submit my library as a new mode. It has many basic functions and it's just basically based on C++. It's probably not as optimised as it should be, but I'm making it as a school assignment.

So this is just my 5 cents, take it or leave it, if you take it, I'll let my IDE rest in peace.

Yours sincerely,


Here is a link to my library with list of all working functions.


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    Ok, I'm sorry.. I just noticed the evasive Create & announce modes category... I have no idea how I was able to miss it... I guess it's just that it's 2 o'clock in the mornin'...

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