Using Windows : Uncaught TypeError / ReferenceError. But works great on Unix

I'm trying to (in a very rudimentary way) port a project from Unix to Windows and receiving errors. (Both using the same ide, Sublime) The app runs fine on my Unix environment but not Windows with the same code.

:(( TypeError "cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined"
at setup (sketch.js:8) at p5. (p5.js:44882) at p5. (p5.js:44810) at new p5 (p5.js:45103) at _globalInit (p5.js:46862)

:(( ReferenceError "createSlider is not defined" at p5.dom.js:71 at p5.dom.js:34 at p5.dom.js:35

I'm using the exact code from Shiffman's YouTube walkthrough: Coding Challenge #14: Fractal Trees - Recursive.
Is there a caveat to working on Windows ?

Updates :
I tried using my XAMPP server too. It still doesn't work.
I might have to try the WAMP server.
Also, I uploaded the page to my BlueHost site to no avail. I received the exact same errors. I've used both CDN and downloaded files for p5.dom.js and p5.js


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