Export positions of joints in Skeleton Tracking function (in KinectPV2) to obj file?

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Hi everyone,

I am working on a project about hand tracking. I am trying to track down the trace of my moving hands and export the trace as an 3d file like .obj

I found the SkeletonColor example in KinectPV2 (https://github.com/ThomasLengeling/KinectPV2/tree/master/KinectPV2/examples/SkeletonColor),

which can help me to get the location of my hand

and RecordPointCloud example also in KinectPV2 (https://github.com/ThomasLengeling/KinectPV2/tree/master/KinectPV2/examples/RecordPointCloud),

which can help me record and export the PointCloud as an .obj file at each frame.

I am wondering is there any way to combine these two together?

I believe here is how the author start to export the location data to 3d files: (https://github.com/ThomasLengeling/KinectPV2/blob/master/KinectPV2/examples/RecordPointCloud/RecordPointCloud.pde))

void draw() {
  //get the points in 3d space
  FloatBuffer pointCloudBuffer = kinect.getPointCloudDepthPos();

  //allocate the current pointCloudBuffer into an array of FloatBuffers

  //when the allocation is done write the obj frames

//allocate all the frame in a temporary array
void allocateFrame(FloatBuffer buffer) {
  if (recordFrame) {
    if ( frameCounter < numFrames) {
      FrameBuffer frameBuffer = new FrameBuffer(buffer);
    } else {
      recordFrame = false;
      doneRecording = true;

//Write all the frames recorded
void writeFrames() {
  if (doneRecording) {
    for (int i = 0; i < mFrames.size(); i++) {
      FrameBuffer fBuffer =  (FrameBuffer)mFrames.get(i);
    doneRecording = false;
    println("Done Recording frames: "+numFrames);

I was trying to find any similar function for the skeleton class to try to transform

FloatBuffer pointCloudBuffer = kinect.getPointCloudDepthPos();

to something like:

FloatBuffer handPositionBuffer = kinect.getHandDepthPos();

but couldn't find any function like "getHandDepthPos"

and I couldn't find any function return type is FloatBuffer in the class

(where the author defines the "getPointCloudDepthPos()" function.) --> (https://github.com/ThomasLengeling/KinectPV2/blob/3bda24ba8b7c62155bf308c0d86c961ca89dbfa3/KinectPV2/src/KinectPV2/Device.java)

I also found that the specific joints I want to track are

    public final static int JointType_WristLeft     = 6;
    public final static int JointType_HandLeft      = 7;
    public final static int JointType_WristRight    = 10;
    public final static int JointType_HandRight     = 11;
    public final static int JointType_HandTipLeft   = 21;
    public final static int JointType_ThumbLeft     = 22;
    public final static int JointType_HandTipRight  = 23;
    public final static int JointType_ThumbRight    = 24;

from here (https://github.com/ThomasLengeling/KinectPV2/blob/master/KinectPV2/src/KinectPV2/SkeletonProperties.java)

Is anyone know to can I get these 8 specific joints I want to get and export them to 3d files? Or is there any other approach would be more simple to achieve my goal?

Many thanks!

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