Problem setting "available" OSC port

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I'm trying to send OSC message to my android device but I'm getting each time BindException EADDRINUSE (address already in use). I've tried several different port numbers but it always fails...

I made sure i have the right IP, that the Internet permission is checked, I'm currently using code from this post to make sure it was not a problem with a stupid mistake.

All clues I could find were more about using directly the android SDK . I've tried to restart my phone to make sure i didn't have other app running which would use all these ports, but nothing has changed.

In the mean time, sending OSC from the android device towards my laptop works like a charm...

Any idea what else I could try?




  • In the same time, I can open a UDP port using It seems the problem would come from some incompatibility between OscP5 and the latest android mode build (0267) Any idea of an alternative OSC lib I could try?

  • I can't provide much feedback related to your OSC but I could suggest using a previous Android mode.


  • Thanks @kfrajer , i'll try that

  • So I've been trying to download and install several version of the android mode from the release page going down until latest of version 3. The problem is when i unzip the version to put it in the mode folder, some folders are missing ( like template and so I have to copy and paste it from the latest version I have, and then run in the same problem as usual... Anybody know where i could download an older version of ? I feel like the problem is coming from some file in this one...

    I've also tried to run the sketch on simulator and I ran in the same problem, while i could send without problem OSC to my phone using TouchOSC.

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