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hey I want to use the preprocessing, which creates java files from pde files. However the PdeLexer, PdeRecognizer & PdeTokenTypes java files are not in the app project (at least not as java files) but are in the pde.g file. Apparently they need to be built before and imported, since they are in there are things in the .classpath in a build folder, which are missing. Do I need to compile or process the g file somehow before, and if yes, how? :)



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    .g files are interpreted by the Antlr library.

    Isn't the Ant file running it automatically?

  • yeah, and I had to import some other libs as well. thanks :)

  • But it is not really possible to use the Preprocessor without... basicly the main application. Because the Preprocessor needs a JavaBuild, the JavaBuild needs a Sketch, the Sketch needs a Mode and the JavaMode needs a Base. puuhh

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