Inconsitent PVector.angleBetween() results.


I am trying to calculate the angle between two PVectors. For some reaosn the results seem inconsitent. First i will show you some test code:

PVector point1, point2, point3, point4;
int r;
float angle1to2, angle1to3, angle1to4;

void setup () {
  size(700, 400);
  point1 = new PVector(100, 100);
  point2 = new PVector(300, 100);
  point3 = new PVector(100, 300);
  point4 = new PVector(400, 100);
  r = 5;

void draw () {
  angle1to2 = PVector.angleBetween(point1, point2);
  angle1to3 = PVector.angleBetween(point1, point3);
  angle1to4 = PVector.angleBetween(point1, point4);

  ellipse(point1.x, point1.y, r*2, r*2);
  text("1", point1.x, point1.y);

  ellipse(point2.x, point2.y, r*2, r*2);
  text("2 - angle from 1: " + degrees(angle1to2), point2.x, point2.y-20);

  ellipse(point3.x, point3.y, r*2, r*2);
  text("3 - angle from 1: " + degrees(angle1to3), point3.x, point3.y);

  ellipse(point4.x, point4.y, r*2, r*2);
  text("4 - angle from 1: " + degrees(angle1to4), point4.x, point4.y);


As you can see I have four points and am trying to calculate the angles between them. The angles between points show as:

Point1 - Point2 : 26.56505°
Point1 - Point3 : 26.56505°
Point1 - Point4 : 30.963757°

These angles seem to be largely inconsistent to me. For instance although points 2 and 3 are at a right angle to each other from point 1 they present the same angle. For points 2 and 4, although they are the same angle from 1 they present completely different angles.

To help visualise this here is a picture of the output of the above program:


What am I missing here?

Thank you for your time and help!


  • If you draw a line from the top left hand corner of the screen [0,0] to each of the four points then look at the angles between the lines and compare them with the results you got you will see that they are consistent.

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