Setting up local http-server

edited October 2017 in p5.js

I am using Atom and I have downloaded the http-server "extension" from the terminal and it works fine. But it the "cd" command doesn't seem to work when I drag and drop a file from Atom. When I connect to the localhost, I get "Index of /" and a list of files and "directories". I don't know if this is because my "default" driver (located in C:), which is an SSD, is not where I have the file (I have it on an HDD located in E:). I will edit the post if switching the "default" to the HDD solves the issue.


  • This sounds more like a question for the Atom forum or extension author... :/

    If localhost lists files and directories then the server is probably working as intended and you just need to configure the extension to start in your p5 project directory. You don't mention the files and directories that do get listed - but you may also need to manually open the index.html file to view your running sketch. I'd also expect some configuration option to automatically open index files...

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