2D on top of 3D

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This seems like an easy question to answer but I can not figure it out.

I am attempting to draw a 2D GUI on top of a 3D sketch. I am using PeasyCam in order to move around in 3d Space, so my position and angle where I am looking is changing all the time. I want to create a crosshair in the center of the screen, any help?



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    at the very bottom of the peasycam webpage:

    // Utility methods to permit the use of a Heads-Up Display
    // Thanks, A.W. Martin
    // now draw things that you want relative to the camera's position and orientation
    camera.endHUD(); // always!

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    PeasyCam has two simple instructions to do that

    void draw(){
      // 3D drawing stuff here
      // 2D stuff here

    where pcam is a PeasyCam object.

    If you are creating a desktop application, G4P provides a set of GUI controls that work with PeasyCam or any P3D application

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    @Snoweyy -- if you are trying to create a layered display, rather than a simple HUD or a GUI, a third approach is to use PGraphics and build your 2D HUD and 3D world out of different graphics layers:

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