Pi 3 + onboard bluetooth not supported?

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Hello everyone, this is my first post here so please correct me if i do something wrong :) i've been combing the internet to find info on this one, but i didn't get anything. is there any library for the rpi3 that exposes the internal bluetooth functions to communicate let's say with an arduino? or do i have to use a serial comm with a bluetooth dongle on the Pi just like i do on the arduino?

thank you for your time! vangelis



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    Welcome @vargos21!

    I have yet to try any of this myself, but if you're interested in a serial connection over Bluetooth from your Raspberry Pi 3, perhaps you could try following these steps: https://stackoverflow.com/a/15586323

    In short, this suggests pairing the device via the terminal (the Pi's UI should work too), and establishing an rfcomm device node. Processing should then be able to use its Serial library on this node (after you create a symbolic link for it, as explained in the StackOverflow answers).

    Please let us know how you fared - if this works out we might be able to make Serial library work with rfcomm device nodes out of the box, thus removing the need to create the symbolic link.

  • Well since i'm a bit tight on time i don't have the margin to experiment on this one, but will definitely save this tip for the future! I decided to go serially with the arduino right now. i've got a 4.3" hdmi touchsreen on the PI and wired the serial on it, it's working perfectly even on high speeds with a voltage divider :) thank you gohai!

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    Hello! I tried something similar to what gohai said, and it worked. If someone wants to replicate what I did, please check the following link:


  • Great to hear. Thanks for reporting back @pbp.

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