Exporting a video of foreground pixels

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Hi everyone, I am doing a project about person extraction and background subtraction. I am going to export a video of the foreground people. Learnt from Daniel Shiffman, now I could get the pixels of foreground but I don't know how to export these pixels as a video. Or I don't need to export it immediately, but I need to do the further processing about these pixels as a video format. Is there anyone could help me? Thanks a lot in advance. Sorry for my English if there is any mistake.

Here is the code:

import processing.video.*;

Capture video;

PImage backgroundImage;
float threshold = 30;

void setup() {
  size(320, 240);
  video = new Capture(this, width, height);

  backgroundImage = createImage(video.width, video.height, RGB); 

void captureEvent(Capture video) {

void draw() {

  image(video, 0, 0);
  for (int x = 0; x < video.width; x++) {
    for (int y = 0; y < video.height; y++) {
      int loc = x + y * video.width;

color fgColor = video.pixels[loc];
color bgColor = backgroundImage.pixels[loc];

float r1 = red(fgColor); float g1 = green(fgColor); float b1 = blue(fgColor);
float r2 = red(bgColor); float g2 = green(bgColor); float b2 = blue(bgColor);
float diff = dist(r1, g1, b1, r2, g2, b2);

if (diff > threshold) {
  pixels[loc] = fgColor;
} else {
  pixels[loc] = color(0, 0, 0);

void mousePressed() {
  backgroundImage.copy(video, 0, 0, video.width, video.height, 0, 0, video.width, video.height);
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