i have a research paper i have to implement this paper,please anyone help me out to write codes

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hhoppe.com/recon.pdf this is the link to the paper for which I have to write codes to implement this paper.please help me out


  • ??

    This seems to be the same topic as your last couple of posts....

    Do you mind to show some code....?

  • I don't have any code.I am just thinking how to make code

  • You've been asking for help with this for over two weeks and you don't have any code?

    Your failure will be well-deserved. And that's coming from me, the guy on this forum who is usually in favor of helping people with their homework.


    I can't believe you don't have any code. You must at least be able to put together a blank sketch. Then maybe load your point cloud data. And then draw a point cloud. At least try that first.

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    So anyway, here's a point cloud with an interesting shape:

    class PointCloud {
      PVector[] ps;
        float lim = 100;
        ps = new PVector[10000];
        for(int i = 0; i < ps.length; i++){
          ps[i] = new PVector( random(-lim,lim),random(-lim,lim),random(-lim,lim) );
          while(dist(ps[i].x, ps[i].y, ps[i].z, 0,0,0) < 1.1* lim){
            ps[i] = new PVector( random(-lim,lim),random(-lim,lim),random(-lim,lim) );
      void draw(){
        for(int i = 0; i < ps.length; i++){
          point( ps[i].x, ps[i].y, ps[i].z );
    PointCloud pc;
    void setup(){
      pc = new PointCloud();
    void draw(){

    This is a visualization of an unorganized* set of points (AKA [x_0 ... x_n] AKA ps) in 3D space (AKA R^3).

    *Note: Obviously this set of points is not really unorganized.

  • Are you processing bulk data or do you have access to your data by slices? I didn't have a look at your paper but you could describe your challenge in few lines here in your post.


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    I'm guessing this involves ASCII format bulk data, but @varundubey9935 never posts more than a single sentence, so it is really hard to know.

    Did you try toxiclibs, and did it work for you? Can you load data? Can you make a mesh? You should tell us -- I have no idea, so I can't help you.

  • When this is university homework his task is to write the given pseudo code for the task from the scientific paper into real code

    Since the pseudo code comes with lots of maths it's hard to read

    But he can't do any solution he has to do the solution from the paper

  • Ah, good point -- I had assumed it was a practicum project in media arts, not an algorithm implementation exercise.

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