GameLibZero - New video game library for processing.

GameLibZero By Luis lopez martinez.

Hello, I present this library as an engine for video games in procesing. Any feedback is welcome. Video Tutorials in Spanish available. ** VIDEO TUTORIALES:** -PREDEFINED LOCAL VARIABLES - PHYSICS AND SPRITE COLLISIONS - MOUSE ON DESKTOP AND ANDROID WITH VIRTUAL RESOLUTION - SCENE AND CAMERA FOR GAME - PHYSICS AND ANIMATION OF GAME CHARACTER


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    Hi @erkosone -- good luck with your project.

    Have you considered publishing the video online on YouTube / Vimeo etc.?

    You might also want to share the library code online on GitHub / BitBucket / SourceForge / etc.

  • Hello, I'm going to share the library in github but the video lasts for over an hour .. so for now on youtube I can not upload it. Although the following ones I will upload them to my youtube channel.

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    Consider just breaking your existing video up into multiple chunks -- Pt1, Pt2. Many people will not download a large wmv video file from an unknown source, but they will watch YouTube. Also, it looks like DropBox automatically generates a 15min preview when others follow that link, which may confuse people -- I had no idea that the video was over an hour long.

  • @erkosone --

    Looks good. Good job, and thank you for sharing it!

    Se ve bien. Buen trabajo, y gracias por compartirlo!

  • Library available at first post of this thread. Enjoy ;)

  • Thanks for sharing your work, @erksone!

    You might also want to share the library code online on GitHub ( or BitBucket / SourceForge / etc. ). This allows people to view your library, read the description, and browse the code instead of deciding whether to download a mysterious zip file from an untrusted source.

    Check out the other Processing libraries on the Libraries page for many examples of libraries online -- some also have home pages, but a public repo is enough.

  • I finished integrating the JBox2D with the library, soon I post a video tutorial of how to program games with processing and physics using this library.

  • Updated to 2.0.1.

    Was litle bug with mouse in Android version ;)

  • Updated to 2.0.5. Available for Windows & Android at:

    New video tutorial:

  • Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on launching this online with a repository and a tutorial video! I'm sure that many people interested in making games with processing will love to check out what you have developed.

    One suggestion -- you don't need to keep folders for 2.0.1, 2.0.3, 2.0.4, 2.0.5 side-by-side in your github repo.

    Instead, just update and commit the new version, replacing the old -- every old version is still there in your commits history:

  • Updated to 2.2.0 with scenes ;) download and tutoriales at init of this thread. Enjoy.

  • New video tutorial with physics control and animation of character at first post of thread.

  • Libreria actualizada a la 2.2.7.

    Añadidos: - mouse.onRegion() - mouse.getBody()

    A disfrutarla. En breve estara disponible la herramienta SZENER para los escenarios y un video tutorial sobre como usarla. Y posteriormente comenzare con los remakes y juegos de ejemplo. Un saludo.

  • Libreria actualizada a la 2.3.0

    Añadidos: loadScene();

    VideoTutorial que muestra como crear un escenario con zonas colisionables.

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