Export for Mac / Unable to load Java Runtime Environment

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Hi everybody,

I was searching for a solution for the following problem but nothing worked out yet. So I hope someone can help me!

When I epxort an app for mac out of processing (including the option for embedded java) i get the error message "Unable to load Java Runtime Environment" when i want to open the exported app on a mac with no java installed.

Is there anything I can do, to make the exported app work without further installations or settings?

I'm using Processing 3 on macOS Sierra

Thanks in advance!



  • ok, it turns out that my exported folder has the same size either i export it with or without embedded java. so it looks like embedding java doesn't work... still don't know why...

  • @globby=== i work with P3 && Sierra and the export is ok; i have installed java 1.8 and set the preferences security to authorize apps.

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    hey @akenaton, thanks for your quick reply! the export does work fine on my mac as well but when i open it on a mac with no java installed the error message appears (although i embedded java in the export). where exactly did you set the preferences security to authorize apps? maybe that might be the problem.

  • @globby===

    go to preferences menu, go to security and uncheck the "only apple store" button; yet i have seen cases (sorry! i cannot remember exactly) where the problem was with java version; depends of the os : eg OS before lion (snow leopard) runs with java 1.6 installed and so the embedded processing version is not compatible...So, as for me, when i want to use other computers (or publish) i always say to the users "download /install java" and never use the embedded processing export.

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    If the exported app is the same size when you include Java and when you don't ... then something is wrong and the export is probably broken. The "include Java" export should be much, much bigger.

  • It seems that the processing video library is the problem. As soon as I include the library, the export with embedded Java doesn't work. Still can't figure out how to fix that :(

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    If you create a trivial sketch with just a video library import and a setup / draw loop (and almost nothing else) does it exhibit the same problem?

    If so, this should probably be reported as an issue to processing-video:


    Edit: ah, looks like you already did.

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