Brackets Live Preview Not Working

edited August 2017 in p5.js

I copied exactly what Dan Shiffman did in this video to try and draw a circle on a 400x400 background

When I save and click Live Preview, a completely blank page pops up with the following url

However, if I click the index.html file within the same sketch folder, the desired circle shows up in Chrome. So I know it shouldn't be a code problem. (file:///C:/Users/chen/Desktop/p5jsprocessing/p5/chen_sketch/index.html is the url shown then)

I have also tried enabling experimental live preview which didn't work either.

One thing that is suspecious is that is not my IPv4 Address. I am not sure whether that has anything to do. In the video, Shiffman has the file library within his sketch folder, mine didn't come withone but according to some comments, brackets now draw the library online which shouldn't be where the problem arises?

I also attached what it looks like under console in the live preview page.

imgur link

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