Processing 3 with Kinect (and Isadora)

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Hi, I am new to Processing and I am collaborating on a project to work with Kinect and Isadora. We have found this brilliant video which is very relevant to our current RnD.

With this video the libraries are available to download. However we are having problems with the Processing Patch it shows an error. I have tried to contact the creator but no answer yet. Anyone has expreienced this before? could anyone help to look at the processing patch and let me know what I need to do? We are looking at the processing sculpture patch.

Thank you. L


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    However we are having problems with the Processing Patch it shows an error

    What, specifically, is the error message? And does it also highlight a line need in the code?

    You mention downloads -- can you link to them?

    You say "patch" -- is that a patch for Isadora?

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    HI Jeremydouglass, well the first problem is really we are unsure where to put what in order to set it up. We have download all the libraries and put everything in one folder. Then I opened Processing and the kinectSketches-master from the library, opened the src folder, open the jagracar folder, open the kinect, open sculpture and put the into the processessing patch. Press run and it comes with an error: The package Toxi does not exist. everytime we open it other errors comes in...therefore it needs setting up but we cannot find anywhere videos or instructions step by step what to do. Can anyone help? sorry new to Processing. Thank you.

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    we are unsure where to put what in order to set it up

  • Thank you Koogs, that's helpful. We have done the initial set up right from what you have posted. We have now set up Processing 3. with processing folder. However we are having problem with the additional libraries, where do they go.

  • Although Koogs, I cannot see the src in the libraries as per your example. Is that necessary?

  • only if you need to see the source (not usually necessary)

    troikatronix site has a big tutorial

    but it says the detailed instructions are for processing 2.2.1 because one of the libraries hasn't been updated for processing v3. and that's dated aug 1st so it looks up to date.

    (no personal experience (and none of the necessary hardware), just posting links)

  • Thank you Koogs, Yes I did set this one up before and it worked all well. Its the Processing sketch from the github which is problematic. As we are unsure where the toxi library should be placed in the document/processing/libraries or somewhere else? When the errors come up it highlites the toxi.geom.Slide3D which I found but not sure if I should copy and paste the whole toxi library into documents/processing/librariers or somewhere else.

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    Toxi library, iirc, is available from the library manager so use that to install it.

  • Excellent all installed - however I came to another error-cannot find Kinnect Scanner. I guess it has something to do with the libfreenect drivers? Anyone would be able to guide me through it?

  • Hi I do need urgently someone to guide me through the installation of libfreenect asap, if anyone free to do it over Skype, I am happy to cover some fees for your time. It is important project so I need to get this done before this Saturday. Any help would be really appreciated.

  • Well I have found someone and the sketch is up and running. we are having problem now to get the syphone code in to get it run through syphone.

  • You need to describe your issues and errors at full. Otherwise you will get ill feedback. What problems do you have? Error messages? What have you tried? Can you post a MCVE?


  • There's a new Question for the syphone bit of this, but, of course, it's really vague, expects is to know what syphone is, and doesn't link back here for context. And this Q is left open so nobody knows not to post in it...

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