Exported app launches, but is blank

I have a lovely fully-functional and simple Processing app that compiles, runs in the IDE, and exports an app that looks like it should run locally. However, when I launch it, I get a gray and then a white blank screen. I do not see any errors. I tried launching the compiled app through the console: no errors. I do not see a security error anywhere. Is this a code signing issue? I am trying to compile this as an app that I can run on a second OS X laptop. Thanks! Processing 3.3.5, OS X 10.12.6



  • Are you loading external resources, like images or sound? External libs?

    My first attempt to your case is to export a very simple application, just for sanity check. If a simple app (no external resources at all) works, then we can start looking into your code.


  • I have 2 sound files, 18 external images, and the minim library in my app. Do these not get included by default? I can see them in the package contents of the exported app in the data folder. I'll try removing the externally sourced items and see what happens. Thanks.

  • Okay, I added things in line by line. I can get the app to load with all of the minim sound interactions in there. I can load in the image file with bg = loadImage("ath4x4.jpg"), but when I actually try to render the image with image(bg, 0, 0); in the draw function, the app hangs. Any ideas?

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