Embedding sketch in webpage(html)

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Hello. I am working on a sketch based on the "Solar system generator" (video link below).

I modified the code such that it retrieves the number of moons and the appropriate image file from a .csv, and managed to get it working.

However, I have trouble embedding it to a html file. Below are the contents of the html and processing code. I also attached an image of the working directory.

Any pointers on what's going wrong is greatly appreciated. (I have a feeling it has something to do with the *@pjs preload command of the .pde ..., but not sure)

Many thanks in advance.

-----html code--------

<title> My first webpage</title>
<script src="Processing.js"></script>

Hello World!
<marquee> this is a test!</marquee>
<canvas data-processing-sources="solargenerator_sunrotate_ver6.pde planet.pde"></canvas>

-----sketch code solargenerator_sunrotate_ver6--------

import peasy.*;
Planet[] sun;

PeasyCam cam;

PImage sunTexture;
PImage[] textures = new PImage[3];
Table holidaytable;
int nrows;

void setup() {
  size(900, 700, P3D);

  Table holidaytable=loadTable("test.csv", "header");

  textures[0] = loadImage("earth.jpg");
  textures[1] = loadImage("cmb.jpg");
  textures[2] = loadImage("sky.jpg");

  cam = new PeasyCam(this, 1000);

  int nrows =holidaytable.getRowCount(); 

  sun = new Planet[nrows];

  for (int i = 0; i < nrows; i++) {
    TableRow row = holidaytable.getRow(i);

    int ID = row.getInt("no");
    int holiday = row.getInt("holidays");
    String picture = row.getString("image");

    sunTexture= loadImage(picture);

    sun[i]= new Planet(50, 450, 0, true, ID, sunTexture);

void draw() {

  for (Planet sun2 : sun) {

OS: windows 10 Processing version: 3.3.4



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