Exporting Windows Application Issues

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I'm having issues exporting my processing program into a self contained application. I'm hoping someone here can help, and I apologize if I am asking this in the wrong place.

I have two instances of my program; one using the sound library and the other the minim library. Both run fine in the processing environment. I've tried exporting these in all possible formats (full screen, not full screen, with Java included, without)

When I export the version using the sound library, it crashes/hangs once a sound file is called. I tried commenting out the first couple of sound files and the program keeps going until the next sound file is called.

When I export the minim version, it just shows a grey screen and never starts the program.

I'm hoping someone out there might have an idea or two I can try to fix this.

The program is for an exhibit this weekend and will run in the background. I'm trying to export it as it's own application because I assume it will use less system resources than running it in processing. Is this assumption correct?





  • Processing version and OS?

    How much improvement are you seeking?

    I exported the following sample code from this next post and I tested both the 32 and 64 generated files using P3.3.4 and Win10 x64:

    I ran it without any issues. I checked to include the 64 java libs. For the record, the presentation mode was unmarked.


  • Hi Kf,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I should have mentioned I'm running processing 3.3.5 and windows 7 64-bit. The computer is a bit out of date and has service pack 1 installed ... there's no internet connection on this computer to update. Do you think running service pack 1 is the issue?). I also installed the latest x64 java environment.

    Can you tell me more about how you checked to include the 64 java libraries?



  • I should also mention that when I try to run the windows 32bit version of the exported application I just get a blank screen.

  • Just to update those who may have a similar issue in the future. I fixed the issue. I needed to copy my sound files into the home folder for the windows application. It was likely trying to find them and crashing.


  • @bujbot

    Where you referencing your sound files by specifying the full path? When exporting, ensure all your data (images, sound, tables, etc) are stored in the data folder inside your sketch folder.

    Thxs for sharing your solution.


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