Can I sell devices with a processing application without releasing my source code.

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I have been reading about Processing's use of GPL and LGPL licenses but it is not quite clear to me.

I work at a company and I have a piece of hardware. My company sells this hardware worldwide.

If I would create a stand-alone application for this hardware can we sell this hardware under the LGPL license to our customers without ever having to release my source code? We cannot have rivaling companies copying our devices afteral

About the libraries. I am only importing the processing serial library.



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    • Your own program have its own license.
    • So you can do anything w/ it according to the license chosen for it.
    • Your only obligation is to state that your program relies on the LGPL Processing's libraries.
    • And have links for both of Processing's libraries & license, so the user of your program can check them out if he/she wishes so.
    • However, if you modify any of the GPL libraries, you are obliged to link to the modified 1s!
  • About the libraries, I am only importing the processing serial library.

    In this particular case, I believe the link below is all you need to post in your program's license: :-\"

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