using GSvideo GSCapture with GLConstants.GLGRAPHICS

Hi , I'm trying to use a GSvideo library to show webcam feed and also a video in the same sketch. the problem is when I use size(width,height,GLConstants.GLGRAPHICS) which I need to play my video , the webcam feed shows with delay and seems the framerate of it drops. I saw this post :

and used hint(ENABLE_OPENGL_4X_SMOOTH); but I still have my webcam feed with very low framerate . I'll appreciate if someone can help me with this. thanks


  • Hello, GLGraphics/GSVideo offered a way of accelerating video playback using OpenGL acceleration, take a look at the examples provided with GSVideo under the GLGraphics category.

    However, the video library in Processing 2.x (which is based on GSVideo) includes these optimizations by default when using either the P2D or P3D renderers. I'd recommend switching to Processing 2.x if it is a possibility for you, as GLGraphics and GSVideo are not longer maintained.

  • Thanks , but the main reason I wanted to use GSVideo was to be able to play a video with alpha channels which on my tests Processing doesn't support by default.

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