PeasyCam effecting on 3D, but not 2D shapes

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I am new to the Processing coding environment, so I'm struggling a lot, however, I have a problem that I would need some help with. Currently, I'm working on a GUI as a part of an Internet of Things monitoring chain, where I am monitoring a mechanical system. The idea is to present the results on a 3D model, that I will create inside Processing. I am trying to create a 3D environment, where I could rotate the 3D model and add some buttons that would be linked to functions like returning the model in a neutral position etc. For this, I implemented the PeasyCam module since it really makes it neat to rotate and manipulate with the model's orientation, however, if I create a quad with text that would represent a button, it obviously rotates together with the 3D model which I don't want.

Is there a way to exclude the 3D environment from some specific shapes to get a SolidWorks / CATIA like functionality? Here is my code so far, I know its hardly worth to mention, but if you could aid me with some help, I would really appreciate it!

` import peasy.*; PeasyCam cam;

// Pre-settings

void setup(){ size(700,700, P3D); frameRate(60); lights();
cam = new PeasyCam(this, 100); }

// 3D model

void draw(){ background(255);

fill(150); strokeWeight(5); stroke(0); box(100); } `

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