What is the processing package name in Linux?

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I'm struggling to uninstall processing. Not seeing a package for processing. Can anyone help? What am I missing?

Thanks so much.



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    • Both for Windows & Linux, Processing comes as a compressed file.
    • There's no actual installation but simply unpacking that file somewhere we choose.
    • So for "uninstall", just delete the whole folder where you uncompressed the "install" file.
  • Thanks so much for the responses.

    I 'installed' processing with this command curl https://processing.org/download/install-arm.sh | sudo sh

    and was struggling trying to figure out how to uninstall it

    could not find where it was located

    finally used this type processing

    to find where processing command was pointing to /usr/local/lib/processing-3.3.3

  • I will just download it from the Processing's webpage and unzip it. When you run processing, If it prompts you for a sketchfolder, make sure it is neither the same not withing the Processing folder. You can always change the processing folder (and its contents) when they publish new versions of Processing. Your sketchFolder on the other hand, belongs to you and doesn't need to be removed when a new version of Processing is been installed. In other words, make sure those two folders are in different locations and apart from each other and you will be fine.

    So did it work for you after you issued the "type" command?


  • Yep thanks for the help kfrajer :)

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