REACTIVISION x PROCESSING x GRASSHOPPER (Tangible User Interface for Grasshopper)

Hello guys! I've tried to make "Tangible User Interface" for Grasshopper, communicating reactivision>>tuio^(processing library)>>processing>>ghowl(grasshopper library)>>grasshopper. I followed this tutorial: ( ), but the dropfile ARGH.rar (ARGH.pde,, etc. >>These files connect the programs with each others) is no longer available.

Does anyone knows how can I do in processing to export the coordinates from TUIO(reactivison) to grasshopper?. I have the .pde file that connects REACTIVISION and Processing, and also, I have a .pde file that connects PROCESSING with GRASSHOPPER (but It's an example in which Processing sends the coordinates of the mouse to Grasshopper) >> Files/OSC/gHowl_OSC_Mouse2D/gHowl_OSC_Mouse2D.pde

Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!


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