OscP5 causing a Java Runtime Exception

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Hi all.

Has anyone came across OscP5 causing a Java Runtime exception error? Admittedly I don't know a lot about it, so I'm sort of in the dark. My libraries are all up to date so I don't think it's that.

Anyone got any ideas?




  • For this cases, you need to share a minimum amount of code reproducing the problem.


  • @EC93 -- in addition to your code sample causing the problem, you should also share the exact error message text.

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    Hey guys. Thanks for getting back to me. The code is about 3000 lines long by this point, so I wasn't really sure what was causing the problem or how to recreate it. The error started with 'waited 5000ms...' so I think it was giving up because it was taking too long.

    I may have jumped the gun a little asking the forum, I think I had the frame rate set too high, because I reduced it back to the normal rate and it seems to have fixed the problem, so hopefully anyone else encountering the bug might come across this and find it useful.

    Thanks a million for all your help, I honestly don't think I'd be getting through my degree without you two @kfrajer @jeremydouglass :)

  • @EC93 -- So glad to hear it is working! If you re-encounter the error message, do post the full text of the error here and even just a code fragment if there are lines it is associated with. Might help future forum-goers.

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