My learning projects in video games

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It's been a long time since I wanted to program video games!

After having a hard time trying different programming languages ​​(C / C ++, Lua, Batch, Python) which made me lose a lot of time. It was mainly with Processing that I finally realized something concrete. And just for that I am proud and I love this language simplify Java that I do not however especially specially in itself. ^^ I have managed to prototype some "dirty and incorrect" two projects at the moment. Or I gradually increase and reuse what I learned to improve as I go along and evolve my way of coding.

I am above all an artist (Audio / Mao / Sound desiner / ...) | (Graphic designer / 2D who really do not know how to draw (I like the use of filters especially), as well as a bit of 3D low poly textured) | Try Level Design / Map and Skybox. And I have a logical mind too. (Hence the interest for research, experimentation and the flow of information that I absorb night and day.) And it's perfect for my thirst for knowledge / creativity!

Not having attended math / physics classes that do not interest me in school.

Because too theoretical to my taste!

I've had to learn a lot of concept in any field that it artistic / logical or not and I love it! I really like everything that is psychedelic. And in the future I would like to interest myself more to fractals.

But for now I have to learn the vectors / class and object paradigm.

Because my future projects should be cleaner and better structured to allow better readability / ease.

Here is my first project:

Then the second:

Both have explanations and comments!

Ah yes, I am French so sorry if there are any faults above.


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