Send two vectors from Processing to Arduino

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Hi, i have a big problem.. I'm trying to send two int vectors from Processing to Arduino but when i run processing and also arduino, it says that the Serial Port is busy. I first tried for one vector but it doesn't work...



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  • I eliminate the code.. it was too complex.. can someone tell me how can i solve this problem?

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    Processing will create two vectors A , with 9 integer elements, and B, with 10 integer elements.Each vector will be sent to Arduino that will implement a mean between the two vectors. The results must be sent back to Processing and will appear on the console.

    by vectors i guess he means in the arraylist sense, not the pvector sense.

  • Yes two arrays of int.. i tried many codes but it continues to says Serial Port Busy

  • Run a simple example fist. Make sure you get a connection before you implement sending more complex data. Are you running your arduino monitor at the same time?

    You can check previous posts with working ino and pde code:


  • I tried to send an 'A' from Processing to Arduino and then back to Processing and it worked. I press play on processing and then i press the arduino monitor and it says serial port BUSY.

  • Don't use Processing and the serial monitor at the same time.

    Just stick to processing. Sending and receiving data as you described is good information. So your system is working and you should proceed to implementing the vector part. Now, you won't be able to send the actual vector, you will need to send their components as a data stream. For example, if you want to send 4 vectors, each having 2 values x and y, then you will write "x1,y1,x2,y2" and on your receiver end you will read the data and convert the data into an array by using the split function, for example. This is a very common practice (and a common question) and you can find this code in the forum. If you get stuck, ask below. You can share your code to get more precise feedback.

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