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I built a simple android game with processing (you can download it here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Sarothlon.MazeGenerator ). It is still a rough game, i know, but i want to implement a lot of cool features with new upgrades. One of these, i hope will be the possibility to compete with friends online. I thought something like these : my friend and i have the game downloaded on our devices; we both have an username and i know his; to compete against him i write his username and send him a request through a web server; he accept my request; we play the same maze and at the end of the game our devices send the results to a server; the server decide who's the winner and let us know.

To realize this feature i was thinking to do it using a second level domine ( this in particular sarothlon.altervista.org/) but i have no idea of how all the comunications should work. I think i should use the Client class of the Network library for the client part of the comunications, isn't it? But i don't know how to connect to a specific web page, how to question or to send data to it and how it should answer. So any suggestion or link from which i could learn something is very important for me. Thank you in advance !!!

P.S. I know something of html and php, so i should understand if you send me html or php code.



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