processing write several time to arduino

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I have a problem is that when i use serial.write() in processing to send value to arduino it actually send it several times which leads to problems with my project is there any idea how to fix such problem?


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    You need to show your code in order to provide feedback. You need to remember draw is executed 60fps so if you are sending data in draw without any control, then you are writing to your arduino 60 times per second.

    Consider revising:

    Also check previous posts:


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    i guess u are correct draw is the problem as i am new to this so i wasn't aware of the 60fps so what suggestions u can advice me to take?

            void draw(){
                     if(keyPressed) {
                       if (key == 'some letter') {
                         myPort.write ("some letter");
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    i just tried to put the myPort.write in setup function but it does still write it several times. actually this doesn't happened when i use tera term or an android app but just with processing

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    changed framerate to 10 instead of 60 seems to fix it, thanks

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