macOS: Sierra: App is damaged and can't be opened

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Hello friends!

A friend is having trouble installing an exported application I created in Processing (3.3) that included the embedded Java on their Mac running Sierra 10.12.3. The app was zipped, uploaded and then downloaded to/from Amazon S3 as well as Dropbox and both failed. I ran md5 on both the source and downloaded app and both matched. The error is:

[app name] is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash. Safari downloaded this file today at x:xx PM from

I believe this has to do with Mac's Gatekeeper and the fact that I have not added a certificate or signed the app, whereas in the past we could download the app from online, go into System Preferences > Security & Privacy, and under Allow apps downloaded from select Anywhere and all would be well. With Sierra, the Anywhere option is now gone. It is possible to reenable it (see: but that's a lot to ask for anyone.

I could be wrong, but it seems like the only way to achieve the easiest user experience is to join the Apple Developer Program, request and receive a Certificate and sign the app? If that's true, I wasn't able to find tips on how to sign an exported app developed in Processing. Any tips would be appreciated.


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