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I'm using Wamp as a local host, and I have been getting processing.js sketches and csv data to appear in my web browser easily, but had trouble saving data to csv files, so I thought I would try this code example as a baseline test of that;


Schiffmans code works for me in his webpage, so I copied all the files to test if it would work on my windows machine, and I obviously have some permissions problem or am missing a file, as I cannot get the points to appear, even if I type them into the file and save them.

So now I wonder where the actual permission or saving problem is. The txt and csv files I use seem to have full write permissions for all users. I wonder if anyone has experience of this?

Using; Processing 2.0 javascript export, Windows 7 64, Chrome, Wamp server 2.4,

Thanks for any thoughts...



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    Ouch, I hadn't changed the address! Now his code works

    Now to see why My code doesn't work :)

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