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Hi, i'm new here and new in programming in general, so excuse if my question will be stupid... anyway I'm playing with a p5.js sound script, trying to modify it and study a bit Everything's works except for the link I created on the page that in mobile version (ios-safari) doesn't work. Works perfectly on desktop. Can you please help me and let me know where i'm wrong? the website is and this is the script:


script> var carrier; // this is the oscillator we will hear var modulator; // this oscillator will modulate the amplitude of the carrier var fft; // we'll visualize the waveform

function setup() { createCanvas(windowWidth,windowHeight); noFill(); background('rgb(0,0,255)'); // alpha

carrier = new p5.Oscillator(); // connects to master output by default carrier.freq(20); carrier.amp(0); // carrier's amp is 0 by default, giving our modulator total control


modulator = new p5.Oscillator('triangle'); modulator.disconnect(); // disconnect the modulator from master output modulator.freq(5); modulator.amp(1); modulator.start();

// Modulate the carrier's amplitude with the modulator // Optionally, we can scale the signal. carrier.amp(modulator.scale(-1,1,1,-1));

// create an fft to analyze the audio fft = new p5.FFT(); }

function windowResized() { resizeCanvas(windowWidth, windowHeight); }

function draw() { background('rgb(0,0,255)'); // alpha

// map mouseY to moodulator freq between 0 and 20hz var modFreq = map(mouseY, 0, height, 20, 0); modulator.freq(modFreq);

var modAmp = map(mouseX, 0, width, 0, 1); modulator.amp(modAmp, 0.01); // fade time of 0.1 for smooth fading

// analyze the waveform waveform = fft.waveform();

// draw the shape of the waveform drawWaveform();

drawText(modFreq, modAmp); }

function drawWaveform() { stroke(240); strokeWeight(4); beginShape(); for (var i = 0; i<waveform.length; i++){ var x = map(i, 0, waveform.length, 0, width); var y = map(waveform[i], -1, 1, -height/2, height/2); vertex(x, y + height/2); } endShape(); }

function drawText(modFreq, modAmp) { strokeWeight(0); text('FREQUENCY ' + modFreq.toFixed(3) + ' Hz', 20, 20); text('AMPLITUDE ' + modAmp.toFixed(3), 20, 40);


thank you very much P


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    Sorry guys I already solved, it was beacuse of the version of p5.js with 05.07 everythings works

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