MBP w/ Touch Bar

Wondering if anyone has purchased one of these machines and if they can report on the 3D performance in Processing - particularly the 13" models. Obviously the 15" model with a dGPU would run quite well, but I'm in the market for a new portable machine and wondering if anyone has experience with them and p5. I'm rather torn about these MBP's for the first time in like, ever, but its all Apple are offering these days and I dunno whether to take the plunge or, gulp, grab a two year old model :/


  • @mattleaf -- I have access to a 13" MBP with touchbar. What specifically are your performance questions?

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    Simultaneous DAW (ableton multi-tracking) and p5 (3D) production with external display output would be a start?

  • Sorry -- no experience with that use case for this machine. If you have a p5 3D benchmark sketch I am happy to run it and give numbers.

    Do we have Processing / p5 / Processing.py benchmark sketches?

    In general: on the fence, because after over a decade using MBP17" machines, MBP 2016 is not "pro" at any size -- no upgradable components, common ports, charge indicators, MagSafe, etc. etc. A powerful Air with bonus Apple Watch surface in the keyboard. It is very nice, but grab the older model if spec meets your needs.

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