Processing or java?

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Hi , im new in the programming and code world. As processing is base on java, it would be better to learn java bases or just keep going with processing?


  • Processing is based on Java. Everything in Processing is just two things - the IDE and the libraries. So you can learn either, you'll still learn the same thing.

    So it depends on your goal. If you're some sort of creative artist, focus in Processing features. If you're a programmer, focus on core Java.

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    @ Niamun

    What I like about processing is that you can do quite alot with just the core library, I have yet not installed a single library.

    Also it's nice that you can focus on the functions rather the syntax or what library their in.

    A bit hyperbolic example but..

    println (new String("hello") );
    this private static system out println (new String("hello") );

    Some cons about processing, "people" don't know what it is, while "everyone" knows what java is.

    There's probably more con's but I haven't tried actual java yet.

    It would be useful to know how to use java snippets inside of processing though, as I tried to do that but haven't gotten them to work.
    EDIT: seems to work now just had to import the correct library, in my case.

    import java.util.*;

  • @prince_polka The correct syntax in Java would be System.out.println("hello");, and in Processing it would be println("hello");. Or is this some sort of satire on the differences?

  • @Lord_of_the_Galaxy oh yes, the point is the "java" line is longer
    just copy pasted the "println (new String("hello") );" part and didn't pay much attention

  • If you are teaching yourself programming then stick to Processing, everything you learn will be of use if you progress to Java later and there is nothing in the Java language (that a newbie might want) that can't be used in Processing.

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