How can I switch canvas ?

I would like to have two canvasses and draw on them without prefixing every command with a canvas variable. I guess there is a global variable in p5, but I could not find it.

What command should be used instead of SELECT below?

c1 = createCanvas(100,100);
c2 = createCanvas(100,100);
background(255);    // NOT c1.background(255);


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    p5.js, just like all the other flavors of Processing, can only have 1 global main "canvas"! :-B

    However, if you don't mind to "cheat" or "hack" the library, just know that the current "canvas" is stored in the "hidden" global system variable _renderer. ;)

    Not tested it yet, but I believe you can "select" your desired "canvas" by assigning it to _renderer. :ar!

    _renderer = c1; or _renderer = c2; :>

  • Nice hack if it works! Could you just use two Pgraphics ?


  • changing _renderer does not work. maybe p5._renderer.canvas or something similar could work. But I did not succeed. :-)

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