Hypothetical proposal concept (live coding)

edited March 2017 in Summer of Code 2017

I think it would be really cool to develop an environment to use Processing for live-coding / performance, but I am not sure how possible this is. With Java processing it seems out of the question but maybe with Python mode or p5.js? I am basically envisioning a use of processing in which the compiler recompiles and updates the output on each iteration of the draw loop, without having to restart. This would require exceptions to avoid breaking on half written modifications to the code. Additions / changes to the code would be compiled in the background and then added to the sketch. TidalCycles and SuperCollider (sound languages) do this: you can recompile snippets of the code which will add / remove / modify what the global output is without stopping it.

This might be completely incompatible with Processing but I thought I would ask if someone could confirm/deny its plausibility before I get too deep in it. Thanks in advance!



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