Multi-threading/parallel computation?

edited March 2017 in Using Processing

Does anyone know if Processing is by default limited to CPU/RAM usage defaults? I'm integrating it into a facility at my university on a ridiculously powerful system (24 cores, 36GB in graphics power and a stupid amount of RAM). Yet, some sketches run at a poor frame rate (10-20 per second), which isn't much better than my MacBook Pro, so I feel there's something wrong. I've tried multiple renderers as well. For example, the flocking example that comes with Processing couldn't handle more than a few hundred objects (which wasn't much more than any other computer could), or with 3D scenes only a few hundred boxes causes a very laggy navigating experience. OPEN GL rendering didn't seem to make a big difference.

Does anyone know what this might be? It's been hard searching for "processing performance" in relation to the actual program "Processing". Thanks!


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