Song code to work p5.js

My code

var a=0; var song; function setup() { song = loadSound('assets/lucky_dragons_-_power_melody.mp3'); createCanvas(600,600); background(0); frameRate(70);


function mousePressed() { if ( song.isPlaying() ) { // .isPlaying() returns a boolean song.stop(); background(0,0,0); } else {; background(0,0,0); }
function draw() { strokeWeight(6); var l=random(400); stroke(0); fill (400) line (a,1,a,0); stroke(800); line(a,1,a,l); a=a+5; if (a>600){ a=0; }

if ( song.isPlaying() ) { song.stop(); background(0,0,0); } else {; background(0,0,0); } }

Im trying to put my image together with the song to click on but it's not working as much as expected.....



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    Edit post, select your code and hit ctrl+o to format your code. Make sure there is an empty line above and below your code.

    but it's not working as much as expected.....

    Also tell us more about your expectations. What is happening and what should be happening.


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