GSOC 17 Queries

Hi! I first came to know about Processing from the Nature of Code website and am happy to see that it has been selected for GSOC this year. Though I only have a limited exposure to Processing, I really liked the simplicity and user friendliness of it. I am still exploring it at present and would like to contribute to it. I have the following few queries regarding the project ideas that interested me and would like to know how I can proceed from here.

Python & Python Mode How difficult is the python mode implementation? I am comfortable in Python but I would like to know if there are other topics that are required for this.

Processing for Android - Video library Although I do not have any knowledge of OpenGl, I am ready to explore whatever is required for this. I would also like to know how to get started with this. I have already setup the Android Mode but I am unable to run the script that is mentioned in the Getting Started tutorial.

Are there any beginner issues for any of these projects that I can work on? Thank you!


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