Queries: Improving PDE for GSOC 2017

Hello everyone! I am Nikhil Meena, a third year undergraduate student at IIT Varanasi, India. I really like the work that the Processing Foundation is doing and would like to become an active contributor. I have a pretty good knowledge of Java and have been learning Android and Javascript for the past few months.

I checked the ideas page for GSOC this year and had a query regarding the prototype replacement for the PDE with a JavaScript-based solution. I am still learning JS but won't building a Java-based desktop GUI with Javascript require using an emedded browser? Isn't this mainly used for loading web pages inside of desktop applications? What purpose would that serve and how would this entire implementation be different from processing.js? I would be very grateful if someone could clarify this doubt and guide me to an example of this and how it is implemented.

Also, can anyone kindly guide me to issues specially earmarked for beginners? Such issues that are not too complicated and would help me to start contributing and understanding the source code better? Thank you!



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