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I'm a noob which means I don't know anything... I got the python server working (yahay) but now when I am in localhost, I don't see my files in the browser..... You know the blue files in the browser that you click on? I don't have those and I don't know how to get them to show up. I've seen them before so I don't think I have to download anything or do a bunch of stuff. Maybe I'm missing a dot somewhere?

This must happen to others? It seems pretty straight forward, no files in the browser when I use python's localhost which means I can't open my files when I use the local host because I don't know how to get them into the browser- you know the blue files you see when you use the localhost- the ones you click on? How do you get those to show up?

Also someone told me I don't need to use the server. I can just use firefox and it doesn't matter. Is that true? I just switched from safari to chrome (so as to use the python server as it didn't work that well in safari), and so I would just like to know how to get my blue files in the browser when I am on the local server. Am I missing a dot somewhere? You know your blue files on your computer when you use the server. They don't show up when I use local host 8000. It worked once so I think it isn't too major.

Someone must have run into this problem and probably just put a dot somewhere and viola there are your files and now you can click on them, right?



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    I can just use Firefox and it doesn't matter. Is that true?

    Totally, for any Firefox-based browser! <:-P
    However, we can also make Chrome-based browsers do almost the same. :-$
    Just follow these instructions:
    Or at least when it's finally back online. :-\"

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    I use the local host because I don't know how to get them into the browser...

    There should be some argument for it which allows us to specify target's folder path where our files are. /:)

  • I'm still lost. Has anybody not been able to see there blue files when they use the python server? Let's start with that... Then what did you do to get your files to show up... Like step by step. There probably is only 1 step like a dot missing somewhere. I'm a noob. How do you know all this stuff?

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