thread vs papplet.runsketch

Hi all, sorry if the question sounds silly, but I noticed that if I put someting in the PApplet.runsketch() extended void draw(), it works as a parallel thread. Does the second frame means having a multithreading applet? Thank you


  • What exactly are you talking about? Please give some code.

  • Yes, it creates another canvas w/ its own "Animation" Thread. :-B

  • I'm talking about the runSketch method that allow to have multiple windows.

    I'm not very expert in multi thread on processing, just recently i learned how to exthend the Thread class to pass arguments to it, before i was using only global variable.

    I'm wondering for example, in case let's say i want to create an app with a control panel and a preview panel that i can open and close, or having a separate thread for a long time database analysis that i don't want to stop the main program, if is better to use a separate thread and preview stuffs about it in another window or , instead, put the whole code of this parallel task in the second window draw() method.

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    Each PApplet ignited by runSketch() behaves almost as if it was a separate sketch. >-)

    With its own settings(), setup(), draw(), etc.
    With their own "Animation" Thread and input enqueueing events.

  • But still it can see global variables, right? Is it possible to stop it as well or i just can stop the loop and make it invisible?

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    But still it can see global variables, right?

    In order to prohibit your other PApplet subclasses to access the global instance fields from the top PApplet sketch, just declare them w/ static: static class MyOtherSketch extends PApplet {}

  • ... or i just can stop the loop and make it invisible?

    As long as a PApplet instance got access to the reference of another PApplet, the former can access members of the latter. :-bd

  • oh actually it's ok for me that they still can access global variables, i was just wondering if the idea to running threads as separate frames was better in some cases compared to others. thank you anyway :-)

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