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My partner, Gunkirat, and I wish to work on Processing for android. We had a look at the libraries and the project and decided upon a few things that interested us:

  1. Live Wallpapers (along with watch faces if desired)

  2. Watch faces

  3. Video library developed by the former Gsoc student , who is one of our coaches (We were also thinking of an addition of an audio library, if desired by the organization)

So can you let us if you would want us to work on any of the particular features (a combination of 2 will do, if you require) that interested us? Also, if there is any other feature you have in mind, let us know! We will make our time line accordingly and send it to you for review as soon as possible.



  • You should approach the processing foundation directly. For the Android team, check this page:

    I am tagging @codeanticode as he might be able to provide better direction.


  • Oh okay! Will do that! Should I just tag Android Mode in the discussion? But that will be counted under Rails Girls Summer of Code only right?

  • edited April 2018

    I would leave it under "Rails Girls Summer of Code" unless it is suggested otherwise.


  • Okay then I will wait for replies from the others here itself. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the proposal, apologies for not noticing the post sooner. It sounds like from your list of ideas that you've seen this page already, but just in case here is some info about possible projects for Android.

    I will also ask @codeanticode to chime in here as he has been leading the Processing Android charge as of late.

    best, Dan

  • Hi everyone,

    Below you have a list of android-related projects:

    1) Re-implement stroke rendering in P2D, right now it is extremely slow except for the simplest cases. This one is listed in the general project list in the Processing wiki. This one has high priority, from my point of view, but it would be quite challenging as well. P2D in the Java mode will benefit from it, as the stroke rendering code is shared between Android and Java.

    2) Improve video and audio support, by either building on top of existing libraries (processing-video-android, cassette), or implementing new libraries altogether.

    3) Implement file selection UI. Utility methods such as selectInput() and selectFolder() are not available in the Android mode because of the lack of native file selection widgets, as discussed here.

    4) Update/cleanup built-in examples. Most of them don't scale up well to new devices (i.e.: they are shown in a 100x100 window, which is looks tiny on most recent devices). New examples for live wallpapers, watch faces, and VR (cardboard) would also be welcome.

    5) The processing for android site needs more work on both the design and contents fronts.

    6) This is just me wondering: right now the integrated debugger does not work in the Android mode. How hard would it be to make it work?

    I hope this gives you some ideas, and feel free to suggest other possible projects.


  • Hi! Thank you both for your replies! We have gone through the project lists, spoken to our coaches and have finally come up with a time line which we will send to you soon! Please review it and suggest any changes required. We are really looking forward to contribute to processing.

    Thanks Shaan

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