How to listen to system audio with minim

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Hello! I'd like to analyse systemsound. Until now i have done this with a cable from lineOut to lineIn. But in future I'd like to use the internal "Stereomix", because the way with the cable reduces the audio-quality of my monitors. My problem: the "Stereomix" register no sound. I've played with different drivers, audiodevices and qualities...

Output Stereomix

Is there someone who has the same problem? (and sorry for my bad swiss-english)



  • Have you tried Soundflower? I'm at work at the moment, so can't test, but I think if you set your system audio output and input to be the same (Soundflower Ch 2), then run your Processing sketch, Minim should start picking up system sounds (the downside is you won't, as it will ignore all other output devices).

    If you do a screen recording with Quicktime and set the input to be Soundflower Ch 2 as well, you'll be able to hear it when you play back the video.

  • Hi struct Thanks a lot for your answer!

    Yesterday I've downloaded "voicemeeter", which works very well.

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